Residential Rates & Policies


Schedule “R” - Residential Electric

Available to residential customers only, in residences, mobile homes, or individually metered apartments. 

$13.96 - Basic Facility Charge

  • 0.1187 cents + PPCA per kWh for the first 1,000 kWh used per month
  • 0.1113 cents + PPCA per kWh for all over 1,000 kWh used per month

SCHEDULE “RE” - Residential Total Electric 

Available to residential customers only, in residences, mobile homes, or individually metered apartments in which the energy required for all water heating, cooking and environmental space conditioning is supplied by electricity.


  •  0.1178 cents + PPCA per kWh for the first 1,000 kWh used per month
  • 0.0967 cents + PPCA per KWH for all over 1,000 kWh used per month

A Public Power Cost Adjustment (PPCA) factor is used to adjust electric rates monthly due to fluctuations in the cost of our wholesale power supply.


SCHEDULE “S” - Standard Lighting Service:

LightMonthly Charge
SL1 - 100 Watt - no pole$7.83
SL2 - 100 Watt - with pole$8.89
SL3 - 250 cobra - no pole$12.34
SL4 - 250 cobra - with pole$13.16
FL1/MF1 - 400 Watt Flood - no pole$26.46
FL2/MF2 - 400 Watt Flood - with pole$28.26
FL3 - 250 Watt Flood - no pole$19.30
FL4 - 250 Watt Flood - with pole$21.06

Note:  After the initial installation of a security light, it can be adjusted one time at no charge. Each additional adjustment will cost $50.00.

Other Charges: 

Electric Meter - Charge if damaged due to tampering$75.00
Surge Protector$50.00
Temporary Service Fee - Non refundable$50.00
Single Phase Overhead Secondary or Primary - first 300 ft0
Single Phase Overhead Secondary or Primary - all over 300 ft$6.00/ft
Single Phase Underground Secondary$7.00/ft
Single Phase Underground Primary$11.00/ft


Service to campers, well pumps, storage sheds, garages  - Cost estimate prepared and accepted
Three Phase Service - Cost estimate prepared and accepted
Customer Requested Change in Service - Cost estimate prepared and accepted


Availability - Available only to residential customers in residences, mobile homes or individually metered apartments. Each entity must be individually metered.

Type of Service - The utility will furnish 60 cycle service through one meter at one delivery point at the following voltages:
Single phase power at 120/240 volts

Deposits - A customer security deposit (CSD) is required on all rental property and on all mobile homes. Property owners with excellent credit are not required to pay a deposit. This deposit stays on the customer's account until the account is closed. Then it will be applied to the final bill.
Payment Due - Bills under this schedule are due and payable on or before the twenty-fifth of each month following the date the bill was rendered. If the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, the bill is due the last business day before the 25th.

Delinquent Bills - Any bill past due is subject to be disconnected. Any service disconnected for nonpayment will not be restored nor new services provided until all past due bills have been paid and all other indebtedness to the city has been paid or arrangements made for debts being in a delinquent or past due status. For bills paid on the 26th of the month or later, in addition to payment, a 5% penalty and a $20.00 service charge will be added to the bill amount.

Same Day Fee - Payment for reconnection or new service must be made before 3:00PM for same day service. Otherwise, we require a same day fee of $30.00.
Grounding of Electric Service Entrances - The utility requires each new electric service entrance to have a ground rod installed at the meter box.

Discontinuance of Service - The Utility shall have the right to terminate electrical service for any of the following reasons:
1. Nonpayment of any bill when due.
2. Misrepresentation of the identity of a customer or changing the customers name to avoid paying a past due bill.
3. Tampering with meters, wires or other property of the Utility.
4. Refusal to permit Utility employees access to the customer’s premises for any purpose connected with the service of electricity.
5. Unsafe or dangerous conditions in the customer’s wiring or electrical fixtures.

Unauthorized Meter Connection - Any meter disconnected for non-payment that is reconnected by unauthorized persons will be disconnected, the meter removed, and a service charge in the amount $200.00 plus all unpaid bills and reconnect fees must be paid before the meter is reinstalled.

Irregular Connections - Connections to utility meters and property will only be made by authorized company personnel. The City Council may revoke any license issued to any electrician whenever in its judgement the Public welfare makes such action wise or necessary. Any connection to utility property by unauthorized persons will be classified as irregular and the electric service is subject to being disconnected and a $200.00 service charge applied before service is restored.

Right of Way and Access to Customer’s Premises - The utility shall at all reasonable times have the right to ingress to and egress from the premises of the customer for the purposes connected with the delivery of service. When application for service is made, the utility is given the right to build, maintain, and to keep wires free of trees, limbs, and other hazards that would disrupt the service. “Right of way” is defined as a distance of 12.5 ft. on either side of the power pole.

Wiring - All wiring to be connected to utility property must be done by a qualified electrician licensed to do business in Abbeville and done in accordance with the latest edition of the “National Electrical Code”. 
Temporary Service - For use during construction temporary service will be provided up to 12 months for a connection fee. The customer must provide a suitable structure of sufficient height to provide code clearance for the service cable. The meter will be provided and installed by the Utility.

Damage to Customer’s Property - The Utility is not responsible for any personal injury or damage to the buildings, motors, fixtures, or other property of the customer due to lightning, wiring defects, equipment failures or other causes not due to the negligence of the Utility. The customer must provide any devices necessary to protect his property. The Utility will exercise reasonable diligence to furnish electrical service to the customer but does not guarantee freedom from interruption of service. The Utility reserves the right to temporarily interrupt service to make repairs or improvements to the system.