How much will it cost me to pick up my pet from the animal shelter?

Animal Control fees are charged on an escalating scale. Fees are as follows:

  • $10 for first offense impounds
  • $20 for second offense impounds
  • $30 for third offense impounds
  • $40.00 for each subsequent offense

All animals reclaimed by their owners are required by South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 47355, to have a microchip ID implanted at first offense at an additional $10.00 cost. Microchip procedures are performed by Animal Control. Pet owners are asked to visit the shelter to identify their animals prior to reclaim if they are not microchipped or wearing ID tags. Animal Control will issue an owner redemption form which must be taken to the Municipal Building/Opera House for payment of shelter fees. All fees must be paid prior to reclaim.

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