Since 1905, Abbeville Public Utilities has proudly provided reliable utility services to the residents of Abbeville and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to quality service and care.

The City of Abbeville's Public Works Department is responsible for sanitation services, including residential and commercial garbage collection .

The department's boom truck picks up street side trash and transports it to the proper destination of the County landfill. We also have one residential garbage truck running several routes a week, picking up all garbage that is placed in City roll carts. The City of Abbeville's Public Works Department has one of the most efficient street side trash and garbage pickup for our citizens.

The Public Works Department also operates one commercial garbage truck which operates five days per week. This truck is responsible for the collection of one hundred garbage bins for our local businesses.

The City offers blue recycle bins to residential home owners. Renters can purchase blue bins at the Public Utilities office at 306 Cambridge Street for $6.00 per each bin. Recycle collection day is Friday.

As we look to the future, we realize there will be constant need for a diligent work force. The employees of the Public Works Department are eager and ready to meet these challenges.

The Public Works Department is located at 706 Branch Street in Abbeville. If you have any questions or concerns regarding sanitation or streets, please contact this department at (864) 366-4636.