Bulk Waste - Evictions

Eviction Example
The owner of the property is responsible for the removal of all high-volume debris resulting from a landlord eviction. The owner will be fined for materials not removed within a week.  The City will collect the high-volume debris of eviction materials for an additional fee ONLY if prior arrangements have been made with the City Public Works department. The following needs to be completed in order for the City to pick up such debris for a property owner.                                                                                 
  • Complete Construction/High-Volume Collection Form                   
  • Pay Construction/High-Volume Fee
  • Fees are charged at $85/ton with a one ton minimum                                                     

(Sec. 16-17. (c) - Collection regulations for residential units.) 

Waste as a result of construction, alteration of a building or property tree work completed by a property owner, property manager, or lessee, and waste from evictions will not be collected by the city unless special pickup arrangements have been scheduled with the solid waste administrator, including an agreed upon time to pick up such items along with an agreement for cost of pickup based on fees as set from time to time by city council. The solid waste administrator reserves the right to not pickup these items.