Mullet Pageant


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Competition is open to all ages from all over the southeast.

The Contest
So you have the best mullet around?  Are you willing to put that to the test??  Then you MUST compete in the first of it's kind Mullet Pageant in the Upstate, here in Abbeville, SC.  We all know Abbeville is the place the mullet never died, so with the per capita mullet to normal hairstyle ratio this is sure to be a fierce competition, and better yet a boot scootin' good time.

The competition itself will be super simple - any mullet young or old, smart or not will have a chance to strut its stuff.  Mullet categories include manly mullets, kiddie mullets, femullets, and family mullets.  Only one entry allowed per person.  

There are 4 areas that will be judged.  The Photo Entry (and the accompanying facebook popular vote), the game day pageant walk (a chance to strut your stuff and shake the hind hair), mullet (and human) presentation (ya know make sure you express your soul), and last but not least mullet quality (based off the traditional iconic styles, listed below for reference).

If you're ready to put your majestic mullet to the test, fill out our online form or download a paper copy and send it in.  All entries require a $15 registration fee that can be paid via cash, check (made out to the City of Abbeville), or card.  Cards must be run in person at our finance department office located inside the Opera House.

Award categories and prizes will be announced at a later date based on number of participants (the more the better)!
Have a friend that proudly flaunts that achy-breaky-mistakey? Make sure to share it with them.


Copy of The Contest
the original mullet - the skullet mullet ben frankline (1)
The Kentucky Waterfall Joe Dirt (1)
The shag mullet Sylvester Stallone (1)
The Spikey Mullet Kiefer Sutherland (1)
The Curly Mullet (1)
The pompadour mullet (1)
The beaver tail mullet kayne west (2)
The Extreme Mullet David Bowie (1)
The Rat tail Mullet shia lebeouf (1)
Mullet Beard combo (2)
The female mullet zendaya (3)
The Modern Mullet Jarden Allen (1)